NATCarting is a web application (web based software or internet based software), that provides a complete solution to Carting Traders to manage various Production Sites, Vehicle Trips/Rounds from supplier to customer, Vehicle and Machine Rent, etc.

Nowadays, all business partners are facing problems of permanent employees and it's difficult to gain.

To overcome this problem and make management independent from employees we have provided a complete business solution.The user interact with this application is provided in two languages English as well as Gujarati.


Multiuser Access

Previously made softwares allows you to work only with single machine (machine on you have installed software) but “SaaS” applications provides you facility to use software by multiple users from multiple devices at a time

Any Device with Internet (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone)

It works on any device like Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone.

Run on any platform (Windows, Android, iPhone)

It runs on any operating system like Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.

24x7 Availability (Windows, Android, iPhone)

“NATCarting” is hosted on Cloud so you can access it any time any where with internet connectivity.

Secure your data (Password protected modification)

Once you lock your data, you need administrator privileges to modify it.

Notifications(Maintenance, Leave, Salary, Bill, etc.)

You will get rich choice to personalise your notifications.

Backup, Restore & Reset

Self maintenance interface will be provided to administrator for software reset, backup of software and restore previous backups.


Carting Traders

Site Owners (Reti, Mati, Quarry, etc)

Building Material Suppliers

Builders (Coming Soon)

Contractors (Coming Soon)


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